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Privacy policy


Welcome-in-one-click is a web service provided by UNHCR and Fondazione Adecco to encourage local integration of refugees by facilitating their job seeking and job application process. We care about your personal data and privacy. This privacy notice explains how we use and protect your data, the rights you enjoy in relation to our processing of your data and how you can exercise those rights.


Who is responsible for Your Personal Data?


UNHCR Office in Italy developed and is responsible for the platform maintenance and is the controller of your data uploaded and processed in the platform. Our Office is in Rome, Via Leopardi 24. 


When you submit your personal data, including your CV, to a potential employer or civil society organisation through the platform, these entities are the data controllers responsible for the subsequent processing of your data for the purpose of taking in charge or recruitment process. 


Adecco Foundation will support UNHCR in the development of the platform and in the relationship with companies, but will not have access to your personal data, except for aggregated and anonymised data.


What Personal Data do we collect from you and how do we use Your Personal Data?

We collect and process different types of data to provide our Site services to you.  The Personal Data we collect and process depends on the stages of your job application and the features on the Site you wish to use. If a particular Personal Data is required/mandatory, it will be indicated at the time of collection. These are minimum required data for the service we provide to you. If a particular Personal Data is required and you choose not to provide it, then the particular feature or service may not be available to you. You may choose to disclose optional information if you wish to. Please beware that some of the information may directly or indirectly reveal Your Sensitive Personal Data, such as ethnicity, health data (including disability) and political or religious belief. If you choose to disclose these optional Personal Data, it is considered to be disclosed based on Your Explicit Consent. 

In accordance with UNHCR’s General Data Protection Policy (2022),  controllers must have a legal/legitimate basis to process Your Personal Data. We rely on different legal/legitimate bases to process your information, depending on the purpose of processing. 

In the below table, we will explain to you in details what Personal Data we collect from you, the specific purposes for which they are collected and the legitimate/legal bases that we rely on.



Specific purposes for processing and legitimate basis

Personal data processed

User account creation 

To enable you to create a personal account and to use the job seeking service on this Site in a personalised manner, such as creating your own CV, submit job application for a specific vacancy and tracking the progression of your job application.


Legitimate/legal basis: performance of contract 

User name


Contact number

Email address

Completion of CV

To enable you to create a personal profile for job application


Legitimate/legal basis: performance of contract

Basic biographical data (full name…..)

Contact information (contact number, address….).

Identity document expiration date

Availability (when you are available, preference for part-time/full-time job)


Work experience



And other relevant additional information on your competencies and capacities

For UNHCR to establish your eligibility to the services on this Site


Legitimate/legal basis: legitimate interest of data controller

Legal status in Italy

Resident permit upload

Job offers

To enable us to suggest job vacancies that you may be interested in and may fit your profile.


Legitimate/legal basis: Performance of contract

Information collected through your research in the database of the job offers

Job Application

To enable you to submit job application for a vacancy that you are interested in.


Legitimate/legal basis: Performance of contract

Date of application submission

Status of job application 

Result of job application 

To enable UNHCR to track status of job application for statistical analysis on the use and results of the platform and for programmatic analysis.


Legitimate/legal basis: legitimate interest of data controller

Date of application submission

Status of job application

Result of job application 

Match with civil society organizations

To enable you to get in touch with some associations working locally in support of work inclusion of refugees, which can support you in managing your job application


Legitimate/legal basis: Consent

Date of request

Result of match

Date of match


Data we collect or process by automated means

When you use our website, your device automatically provides us with data so that we can serve and tailor our response to you. The type of information we collect through automated means generally includes technical information about your device, such as the IP address or other device ID, the type of device you are using, and the version of the operating system. The data we collect may also include usage information and statistics about your interaction with the website. We encourage you to read our Cookies Policy carefully to learn more about Cookies, how to use them and how you can control their use.


With whom do we share Your Personal Data?

  1. Disclosure of Your Personal Data with potential employers and civil society organizations


No personal data will be disclosed to any third party, included the civil society organizations registered in the platform. Considering the closed platform system, any personal information stored will not be subject to indexing by search engines, thus protecting the privacy of the candidates.

If you wish to apply for a vacancy or to be supported by a civil society organisation, you are required to confirm that you consent to disclose your personal data contained in your CV to the respective employer or civil society organization. You are solely responsible for deciding if and when your personal data contained in your profile information will be conveyed to employers, through the submission of a job application, or submission of a request for support from a civil society organization. 


By making your profile information available to a certain employer for the purposes of applying for a job vacancy posted on the website or to a civil society organization, you agree to the disclosure of your personal data under the  Terms of Use of this website and assume responsibility for disclosing that personal Data.

As a candidate, you are required to carefully review each and every personal data that you have entered in the Platform and make sure of its accuracy before applying for work through the Platform.


  1. Sharing of your personal data with third parties

This Site is maintained by Rocket-Path, a Greek private company. For the sole purpose of site maintenance and troubleshooting and with the authorisation of UNHCR, Your Personal Data stored on this site may be visible to Rocket-path within a specific limited time frame. Rocket-path is bound by the obligation of confidentiality and due process.


How long do we keep Your Personal Data?

UNHCR will retain Your Personal Data collected through the website throughout your usage of the service on the Site. Should you exercise your right to erasure, UNHCR will process your request immediately. You will be notified when Your Personal Data is deleted from the platform recording system and your account inactivated. 


What rights do You enjoy as a Data Subject? 

  1. Deactivation of User Profile

You have the right to request erasure of your personal data at any time. In this case, your account will be inactivated and UNHCR will process your request immediately. You will be notified when your personal data will be erased. Back-up copies are retained in the database of the web hosting provider for 90 days before being permanently deleted. By deleting Your account, the legal relationship between You and UNHCR, governed by the Terms of Use of this website, is terminated.


  1. Right to access your personal data

You have the right to receive a copy of the personal data hold on this Site in order to check that we are lawfully processing it. Upon receipt of such request, we will accommodate your request within 24 hours.


  1. Right to object to processing of personal data and to withdraw consent 

You have the right to object to and to request the restriction of the processing of your Personal Data. Where we rely on legitimate interests as a legal basis to process your Personal Data, you can object to this processing and request that we no longer process your Personal Data in this way, unless we have compelling legitimate grounds which override your rights. 

You also have the right to object to automated processing which affects you negatively.

Where we rely on your consent to process your Personal Data, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. 


  1. Right to correct your data

You have the right to rectify (update or correct) your Personal Data. You can modify most of your Personal Data by editing your account profile information directly. 

You may also make a formal request to have UNHCR rectify any inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated Personal Data on your behalf.

How to exercise Your data subject’s rights?

To exercise your rights as a data subject, please click on the Contact Us button when you are logged in. We will respond to your request within 24 hours. 

What to do if you want to complain?

For the processing of your personal data by UNHCR, you have the right to lodge a complaint with UNHCR through any of the below means:

Address: Via Leopardi 24, Roma

Email contact by using the “Contact Us” form of the website.