Inclusion Process
Inclusion Process

The inclusion process

Inclusion is key to the growth of businesses




Corporate Social Responsibility

The inclusion of refugees can provide companies with access to a highly motivated and skilled workforce, fostering diversityAt the same time, it can help prevent the risk of marginalisation by promoting stable and dignified inclusion in the labour market, in line with the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Goals).

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Participating companies


After registering on the platform, you can choose between two options:

  1. Co-design: Request the support of a WelcomeNet member to work with at each stage of the inclusion process, by contacting us through the dedicated section.
  2. Proceed autonomously: Create a company profile, upload job opportunities, and manage the whole process up to recruitment.



The Welcome Award

Every year, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, awards a specially designed logo to companies that have distinguished themselves in promoting the labour inclusion of refugees.

By initiating inclusion processes through the Welcome In-one-click platform, you can apply for the prestigious Welcome award and communicate your commitment to refugees.

Through the Welcome programme, over the past five years more than 22,000 refugees have been included in the labour market thanks to the contribution of more than 50 participating companies.

For more information about the programme and past editions, please visit:


Benefits of implementing a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion project

Finding a model that nurtures the potential of culturally, ethnically and gender diverse teams can bring reputational and economic benefits as well as improving the company climate.

The protagonists’ voices


Sandra - Addetta Area Food - IKEA


I love this job so much. All my colleagues are like a family. They help you, if there’s something I don’t understand they explain it to me, everyone gives a hand, so the work becomes easy and they do it from the heart, there’s no discrimination, nothing negative. I like it a lot.

angela revello

Valentina Revello - Social and integration worker - Arci Solidarietà



Joining this network immediately revealed the potential of collaboration between people and stakeholders: for us staff, it means having the opportunity to get to know and interact with excellent and highly-competent businesses; for the beneficiaries of these projects, it means accessing the labour market with dignity and respect for their rights, but above all in line with their own desires for professional and personal growth, strengthening the awareness of their own skills and abilities.


Mattia Minieri - International Division Manager - Tefin 


We undertook a social and business challenge to give the company ‘new lifeblood’, helping people to ‘start afresh’ and ‘reinvent’ themselves.

But we also considered the unquestionable value of ‘diversity’, which is necessary to remain competitive globally.

Angela Balducci cerchio

Angela Balducci - Sustainability Manager - Lavoropiù


Thanks to the program, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of an inclusive approach to work, in a socio-economic context characterized by persistent challenges such as xenophobia and racism. Promoting integration fuels innovation, enriches relationships, with a positive impact on tax revenue and the economy as a whole


Alessandro Borgialli - Director - Adecco Inclusion


As Adecco Inclusion, we strongly believe in the value of work as a tool for social inclusion. Day after day, we work to support the most vulnerable people by integrating or reintegrating them into the labour market, which is why we have chosen to join "Welcome-in-one-click". To make the world of work more and more inclusive.

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