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Terms and Conditions



The “WelcomeIn-one-click” website and platform are managed by UNHCR ITALY. Use of the “WelcomeIn-one-click” website and platform is subject to acceptance of the Terms of Use and of the Privacy Policy. In any case, access to the service implies the user's acceptance of these Terms of Use.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact UNHCR ITALY through the “Contact us” page.


These Terms of Use shall apply to all those using the “WelcomeIn-one-click” platform (hereinafter referred to as “users”), and more specifically to the following groups:


1. Persons over the age of 18 who hold the following residence permits (hereinafter referred to as “Refugees”): for asylum, subsidiary protection, asylumrequest, statelessness, pending statelessness determination, temporary protection, special protection, special cases, EU long-term residence permit bearing the words “beneficiary of international protection”. Refugees recognised by UNHCR or by the authorities of another country and who are in Italy with another type of residence permit entitling them to work or family members of a refugee arrived through family reunification with a family residence permit.


2. Legal persons who register on the “Welcome In-one-click” platform as companies or training providers.


3. Legal persons who register on the Welcome In-one-click platform as civil society organisations belonging to the WelcomeNet (a network established in the framework of the “Welcome. Working for refugee integration” programme, at the initiative of UNHCR, as a qualified network of bodies and organisations that promote labour inclusion pathways by working alongside companies in corporate partnerships and supporting beneficiaries in empowerment processes).




“Welcome In-one-click” offers users the following services:


  • - refugees can register on the platform, create their professional profile, specify their work experience, educational background, technical and soft skills possessed and upload their CV. They can search for job and training opportunities advertised by companies or training providers, apply for jobs and be connected to a WelcomeNet organisation to receive support. They can also save their job searches and set up notifications in case of new offers matching their search;
  • - companies can register to the platform, create a company profile, publish job offers autonomously or promote labour inclusion pathways co-designed with WelcomeNet organisations; through the platform they will receive applications and can start the selection process.
  • - training organisations can register on the platform, create a company profile and publish training offers.
  • - civil society organisations can apply to join the WelcomeNet and once they are members they can register on the platform and create an organisation profile. They can search for job and training offers of interest to the beneficiaries they assist and can notify them. They can also assist companies in co-designing the job offers they will post on the platform.





All users can access and use the platform free of charge.




All users must register in order to use the services offered by the platform. Before completing registration, users must read and accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.


A valid e-mail address is required for registration. Once the registration process is complete, users can create their profile by entering the required information. The form includes mandatory and optional fields.


Refugee registration is subject to verification by UNHCR which will check whether the person belongs to the categories set out in paragraph 1(1). To this end, refugee users will be asked to upload a copy of their residence permit. The copy of the residence permit will be visible only to UNHCR, while it will not be accessible or visible to other users of the platform.


On the other hand, in order to use the platform, companies, training providers and civil society organisations that have created their profile will have to wait for the successful outcome of the Due Diligence checks carried out by UNHCR to finalise their registration.




Users undertake to provide accurate and truthful information. "Welcome In-one-Click" has no obligation to verify the information provided by the user and is not responsible for any untrue content or incorrect information published on the platform.


Furthermore, UNHCR reserves the right to examine and block the publication of any information deemed discriminatory.




“Welcome In-one-Click” reserves the right to suspend or block a user’s profile at any time in the following cases: - if the user has provided information that is misleading, offensive or outside the scope of the platform - if there is suspicion or evidence of misuse of the platform - if the functionality of the platform is at risk of being damaged or impaired - in cases of serious violation of significant interests of the service provider - in other cases of serious violations of these Terms of Use.




“Welcome In-one-click” will seek to keep update and other maintenance work to a minimum. It shall not be held liable for any service suspensions, loss of data, malfunctions and inefficiencies resulting from technical maintenance and update work.




“Welcome In-one-click” is not responsible for the terms and conditions of employment and/or training that companies and training providers may offer to candidates outside the platform, nor for the outcome of any employment relationship that may be established. Any employment relationship and/or traineeship will be exclusively agreed and terminated by the candidates and the companies/training providers. Furthermore, UNHCR shall not be held responsible in any way for the truthfulness of any information posted by users, nor for any illegal or unethical conduct adopted by them. Nevertheless, users are encouraged to inform the “Welcome In-one-click” contact persons if they become aware of any illegal or unethical conduct by other users.




“Welcome In-one-click” reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time after having notified users of such changes.




If any part of this agreement is found to be unlawful or unenforceable, that shall not affect the legal validity of the remainder of these Terms of Use.




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